Duffels4Kids to Sponsor School Track Teams for ‘Race’ Movie

MIAMI (February 3, 2016) — To commemorate Black History Month, Duffels4Kids will gift three high school track teams with tickets to the upcoming ‘Race’ movie, which tells the story of African-American athlete Jesse Owens.
‘Race,’ which opens in theaters February 19, is a great opportunity for student-athletes to learn about Jesse Owens’ quest to become the greatest track and field athlete in the world, amid themes of courage, determination, tolerance and friendship. Learning the history of this great athlete provides an important educational value to students outside of the classroom and will hopefully spark conversations within the classroom and on the track field.
"When we first did something like this two years ago with the release of the Jackie Robinson movie, it was amazing and fulfilling to see how happy young high school baseball players were to learn and bond," said board member Michael Wallace, an ESPN reporter and radio co-host. "Every time we get an opportunity to connect today's talented athletes with stories of the prominent and proud African-American legends that paved the way, it's an obligation and a wonderful responsibility."
Duffels4Kids is a nonprofit dedicated to serving the needs of foster children but also believes in giving back and investing in all children.
For more information regarding this donation or Duffels4Kids, contact Michael Wallace at 954.699.0844 or You may also visit