As we recognize National Foster Care Month this month, please consider this statement and check your perceptions of what a child in foster care “looks like." Child abuse does not always manifest itself physically through scars on the body. Some wounds, such as emotional or psychological scars, just aren’t visible. That child who looks “normal" may be suffering from trauma in other ways. Teachers and educators, please be mindful of this as there may be some students in your classrooms who are also in foster care.

Also, if there is a foster parent in your circle of friends or family, reach out to them this month. Don’t know what to say? A simple note will suffice: “Just wanted to encourage you in your journey as a foster parent. I know it may not be easy but your decision to foster means the world to the child in your home. Thank you."

Sometimes as foster parents, we become discouraged and wonder if we’re truly making a difference. To the outside world, it may seem as if everything is OK but inside, seeds of doubt may creep in. Receiving a note like this can make a not-so-good day much better, because again, not all wounds are visible.

#NFCM2016 #FosterCareMonth