We love helping others start similar programs in their states! Read this great note from Deb in New Hampshire, who contacted Duffels4Kids earlier in the year about our program:

"Just had to update you (pictures hopefully to follow!) we were able to fill 30 duffel bags from ages infant to age 17 with everything from diapers, blankets, clothes, toys, toiletries, etc. and we had enough additionally for probably another 5 duffels!! People donated cases of diapers, cases of toiletries including shampoo, soap, toothbrushes, etc. It was amazing!! Our whole company contributed including designing tags to go on the duffels. I hope to keep this interest generated throughout the year and we will make this one of our major projects every year. Division of Children Youth and Family Services were amazed we stuffed the duffels – they thought we were just going to hand them 30 empty duffel bags. The Foster Parent who came almost started to cry because she said having a stuffed animal or a blanket to call their own is so important for these kids as they are placed in Foster Care. I cannot imagine how hard that must be for a child to be taken out of all they know, even though it may not be the best circumstances, and given to somebody they don’t even know. I hope everything will help them to ease the pain."
Great job, Deb!