How many children are in foster care?
There are more than 18,000 children in foster/kinship care in Florida!
Why do we need a Duffels4Kids program?
Sometimes children are given trash bags to store their clothes, toys, etc., when they are moved from home to home. Our children deserve better!
How will the Duffels4Kids program help children in foster care?
The Duffels4Kids program will distribute FREE and NEW duffel bags to every child in foster care in Florida.
How often does a child move to another home?
A child in the foster care system may make several moves in his or her time in foster care. Recent statistics show at least five (5) moves for teens in foster care.
How can I help?
Walk with us in the annual Duffels4Kids Walk. Funds will be used to purchase duffel bags for the children.
I don’t want to walk. Can I just donate?
Yes, we accept new duffel bags and monetary donations! Visit our PayPal page to donate. Please consider setting up a recurring monthly donation!
What is the Florida State Foster/Adoptive Parent Association?
Florida State Foster/Adoptive Parent Association is a statewide group of foster, adoptive and kinship caregivers, and Duffels4Kids works closely with the association to ensure that no child in foster care moves without his or her own duffel bag.
Additional Info
Visit the website at to learn more about the program.