January 13, 2016 | Filed in: celebrities.

Steve Harvey got plenty of attention for the unfortunate Miss Universe mixup, but here’s a note on the multifaceted entertainer’s philanthropic efforts. Harvey and his wife Marjorie are key sponsors of the upcoming Starfish Ball, benefiting the nsoro Foundation. The organization provides academic scholarships for kids in foster care.

The 11th annual Starfish Ball is planned for 6:30 p.m. Jan. 23 at the St. Regis. Patron tickets are $1,500 per couple. The Harveys are “King and Queens Court" sponsors, meaning they’ve bought two tables for 10 at $25,000.

Darrell Mays, cofounder of Nova Towers, founded nsoro Educational Foundation to support children in foster care through education. According to the organization: “He was spurred to action after viewing the PBS documentary, ‘Aging Out,’ which follows the plight of children who have aged out of the foster system. The Mays family is guided out of their commitment to serving others."

The nsoro site includes moving testimonials from the young people who have benefited from its efforts:

“Receiving the Nsoro Scholarship will provide me with even more confidence and motivation knowing I can achieve anything I set my mind to."

“Receiving this scholarship could help me prove to those people that just because I was in state’s custody does not mean that I am not going to be successful in life. I am a survivor and that is success in itself."

“I want you to realize that I am willing to do my best at all I do when it comes to college. So I hope that you see me as a hard-working young adult and know that this scholarship money is being well invested."

The annual ball has a fun Mardi Gras theme and a “King and Queen" are honored each year. Rest easy, though: this year’s honorees, Joel Katz and Vicki Palmer, already have been named. There’s no chance of the wrong person getting the crown this time!