At the moment, there are more than 18,000 children in Florida’s foster care system, with many of them moving from foster home to foster home in a short amount of time. Duffels4Kids fulfills a need for children in foster care and is in direct response to the shameful practice of stuffing children's belongings in a trash bag when the child is ready to transition to the home of either his or her biological parents, or to his or her adoptive parents.
Duffels4Kids aims to change the inevitability of using trash bags as luggage, giving foster children a free duffel bag to help them feel more secure and less transient. These duffel bags offer some solace, giving the children the ability to organize their clothing and toys, and move more easily to their new home. The duffels are symbolic of the fact that these children and their belongings should not be thought of as discards, headed for the trash heap. Instead, they are dignified human beings and deserve to move through the world as such.
Our mission: to change the culture of foster care, one duffel at a time, ensuring that no child has to experience carrying his or her belongings in a trash bag.
To donate to the Duffels4Kids cause, go here. Your donation will directly impact one of the 18,000 children in Florida’s foster care.